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School Journey 2016


We'd like to thank all our parents for their patience whilst the building works took place on the dining hall.


Proving well worth the wait, the children can now enjoy their school meals amongst more of their peers, making lunch times much easier for all! We've even improved the way lunch is served - by making sure that all food can be seen by the children, we've been able to entice them into making healthier selections.


Chloe Year 6: "I like the new menu because it gives you so many options, I like that you can now see all the food whilst you're lining up, it looks really tasty!"

Welcome to Greenacres Primary School

I am extremely pleased that you are showing an interest in Greenacres Primary School for your child. We pride ourselves in being a fully active community school where the importance of children’s wellbeing is a fundamental part of their learning.

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Vision and Values

We at Greenacres Primary School and Children’s Centres strive to promote a positive attitude to learning and relationships, leading to the best possible outcomes for all.


We pride ourselves on being a central part of the local community where everyone can fully apply themselves to ensure that all children and their families have access to high quality learning and support.


We encourage independence in an environment where everyone feels safe to make mistakes and shows support and empathy for each other.


We believe in a fully inclusive attitude to all, empowering children and adults alike to respect and value each other, become independent learners and take responsibility for the world in which we live.